Spring into Organization

March 5, 2021

Spring into Organization and reap the rewards all year long. Just like planting a garden, prepping now you will enjoy the beauty of no clutter and a smooth running household. March is finally here, and there is a real light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Your have done your taxes, (see the February tax challenge) so you can now focus on organizing closets, garage or kitchen. Spring cleaning will also help in your purging agenda. When you start the spring purge and cleaning, do a schedule for the month and do one room a day or 2 rooms a week. This is a good way of spreading out the job at a less stressful and more focused way. Before you know it, you have cleaned and purged the whole house, one room at a time.

Some tips to get you started:

  1. Make a plan or schedule as to what room or task to do when. Allow more time than you think you might need.
  2. Make a list of those problem areas in your home that need extra organizing. List areas or rooms that make daily life easier once organized.
  3. As you go through each room remember to purge out unwanted items and spend time in those problem areas you listed. Now you have more space to move, wash down the walls and reorganize.
  4. Check with your community businesses of who is open to taking donated purged items or community recycling, cleanup days to take your non working appliances or electronics.
  5. Now the warmer weather has arrived and you clean the windows and open them!
  6. Now you can plan your garden , clean the patio without distraction of washing down walls and carpets!

As you spring into organization, you will recharge you and your home. The rewards of getting it out the way this month, allows you the joy of enjoying the spring.

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