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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

– Leonardo Da Vinci



The organizing process can be very overwhelming. Clutter, disorganization and mismanaged time can lead to unwanted stress, frustration, anxiety and drained energy.  Being organized can increase  productivity, freeing up time for more enjoyable things.

Life Transitions

Life transitions come in a variety of situations. Just 4 You Organizing helps with organizing and purging belongings with sensitivity and extra care. 

Life Management

Use the time available to its best advantage to make your life more successful and easier to manage. 


Some recent projects to inspire ideas to get you started. Click on any of the projects to see the details and images.

COVID-19 update: I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Just 4 You is still able to help keep you organized. If you are overwhelmed and need some extra help during this phase, Lisa is able too help. Please check in on Facebook or here on the site under News for helpful tips. 

For home visits: safety standards will be implemented. 

For those who still do not want to work in person: help is still here virtually thru zoom, FaceTime etc.

Please stay home, stay healthy and Have A Simplified Day!


How to simplify your life

Just 4 You Organizing offers professional organizing services for you, your home, or small business. Organizing for families, individuals and small businesses in the Ohio Valley since 2013, Just 4 You offers personalized and confidential solutions tailored just for you.

 The organizing process can be very overwhelming. Clutter, disorganization and mismanaged time can lead to unwanted stress, frustration, anxiety and drained energy.  Business can lack productivity, loss of time and revenue.

It’s okay to ask for help. During organizing sessions, you will get support for purging items you no longer need, direction when you’re scattered, help sorting through and organizing your stuff. You will also learn how to maintain a personalized system developed just for you.

Either in person or virtually, help is here to guide you without judgement or shame with complete confidentiality. You deserve a well-balanced, less cluttered productive space to achieve your goals and enjoy your life.

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