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I stumbled upon Just 4 You Organizing five years ago.  I live in a rural area. I was happy to find out an organizer was in my area. Little did I know that meeting Lisa was both a blessing and a life saver.  I was going through a major transitions in my life with the passing of my mother, my husband, and the necessity to move from a home I had lived in for over a decade.  The tasks before me were daunting and overwhelming.  I needed to purge: throw away, give away, donate, to sell out right and sell at auction.  And I needed to organize in the process.  All those tasks continued after my move.  Lisa was dedicated to finding methods or solutions that would help me move forward.  She was patient and knew when to push.  She also knew when I had done enough work for the day.  Lisa always brought her insight, experience, and passion to our sessions.  She would offer a new idea that might be more functional for me, adapting them as I needed.  My ongoing organizing work with Lisa is a necessary support to my life both personally and professionally.  I realize most people are looking for an organizer for a short term one or two room project.  However, I know there are other folk, like myself, going through or making major transitions in life who would benefit from Lisa’s experience, dedication, perseverance, resourcefulness, patience, and support.  And she is easy to work with as well.  As I said, a blessing and a life saver.  Call her!   

Susan L.

Lisa is incredibly thorough when it comes to organizing your house. And she’s willing to do the stuff you just can’t bring yourself to do! You will feel such a sense of relief after working with Lisa 

Nancy B.

Lisa is down to earth, professional & gets the job done. Highly recommend her!

Tamara G.

Lisa has been wonderful to work with. She is calm, patient and understanding. Has excellent suggestions and is a hard worker. I highly recommend her service. 

Susan P.

Lisa is so valuable in many ways. Around the house, office, or just life in general, she can get you organized and more productive. Thank you for all you have done for us!   

Jason B.

Lisa organized my garage and I could not be happier with the results!

Alishah H.

Lisa has helped me many times and the best part is she makes it fun.I recently took over managing the office for our business and she has been helping me to get the bookkeeping in order.Don’t know what I would do without her! 

Janice E.

Lisa Jo is excellent and efficient. She has something organized in a fun, no stress way. She has a quiet straight forward manner that is relaxing. Can’t wait to get started on next area.

Thank u Lisa Jo

Elizabeth B.