Stuck at Home tip#4

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April 15, 2020

# 4 in our Series of tips for those stuck at home

Wednesday: Humpday

For those of you dealing with anxiety, depression & feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world, I’m here to say IT’S OKAY!

A few tips for you and those who don’t feel up to the challenge, because we all have those days.

  1. Do not feel guilty that you don’t have a plan, or are not being productive. Allow yourself to do nothing. Don’t get dressed, don’t comb your hair. Allow yourself time to just be and hug yourself. You are strong enough.
  2. Curl up with books, binge watch movies – turn off the news
  3. Eat cake for breakfast and fried eggs for dinner – WHO CARES!

    Just make sure you eat and hydrate.
  4. Allow time for healing, feeling. Cry, laugh, yell, scream. In the quiet, you will heal, you will gain back your energy & get back.

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