January 2021 -Get organized month or just get going?

January 9, 2021

January is usually the get organized and start your new year resolution month. But it’s 2021 and 2020 has not been so kind to a lot of us. We have had our daily lives rearranged, put on pause or challenged in ways we could not have been prepared. So how do we get our engines restarted in January 2021? By taking small steps, and divide up our projects into small doable portions and be kind to yourself.

It is the month we put away our holiday decor, large organizing projects to accomplish and starting those new habits. Here are a few tips that can help begin your new year with a bit of hope and sense of productivity.

  1. Putting away the holidays: Don’t rush to do it in one day. After all it took more than one day to put it up. So pick a room or segment at a time. Purge out what you may not want to keep anymore, make notes on what to buy fix or do differently for next year.
  2. Organizing for the new year: After your home has been restored, think about what you really need to get organized to help you get going for the new year. Is it a closet, room or junk drawer? Is it a space for kids home learning? Is it your schedule? Files? Pick one project that is really getting in the way of your new habits or every day activities. Make a list of what is working and what isn’t. Then schedule a few blocks of time to deal with it. Again, it doesn’t have to happen in one day. Break down your project into smaller, manageable pieces.
  3. Last year’s experience: Take in consideration of what you may have learned and what challenges you are overcoming. Is it time, scheduling, trying to plan for the unplannable? What needs improved upon if the situation comes around again. Write it down.
  4. Changes happen: 2020 has taught us all on how to deal with changes, postponements, and rescheduling. Changing the way you shop and eat and even learning. Be proud of how you have survived it, and the skills you learned in how you dealt with these changes. Build upon these new skills and take advantage of how it can help you to be more productive.

January 2021 may not be super productive as in Januaries in the past, but you can still make it productive for you. Just take your time, small steps and celebrate your accomplishments.

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