Helpful Hints and Tips

Stuck at home tips

Now tips for those who are not working from home, older folks and those who need help getting through the days. Please share some tips that are helping you so we may help simplify their "home time".    

Working from Home tips

Welcome to the Working from Home tips series. I will be posting 3 tips a day this week to help you navigate the uneasiness of working from home. Please fee free to comment, share your own tips you have found that helps you. If you are needing more help in becoming...

How to be productive working from home

How to be productive working from home

So a lot of us have found ourselves to be working for home due to social distancing and government mandates. Woohoo some may say, I can work in my pjs. But as you may have felt over your first week at home trying to be productive: not as fun as you thought and more...