2024 for You

January 3, 2024

Happy 2024! January is NAPO’s Get Organized Month. Being the first week of the new year we have already scared ourselves with overwhelming resolutions and feel like we are behind and haven’t started. If you are like me and some others, especially small business owners, who are still post covid/ shutdown restructuring or rebuilding, it is very easy to get stuck and overwhelmed. So let’s start 2024 with a less will be more impact. Start small, make a list and small goals and be focused on the small tasks and it will lead you to the ultimate goal, whatever that may be. Want to be healthier, start with 3 salads a week and work up to a salad a day. Prep more meals for lunch or snacks to take with you in the car. Why not get your kitchen organized to allow you the room, and freedom to get healthy. Nothing says “forget it” like overstuffed cupboards, to many containers and small appliances in the way. 
Yes your files are a mess and tax time is approaching, but to stay healthy lets start with one room at a time and GO in the Kitchen!

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